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.With regard to the businesses and their financial information, I have not performed a historical analysis of the business’s financial statements. I assume that the financial and related information supplied reflect the normal operations of the business. To the extent this is not an accurate representation, the analysis and conclusions drawn are not valid and shall not be represented in any context that implicitly or explicitly suggests that Perth Market Place and its representatives believe the business profile to be accurate. The Principal of Perth Market Place Lee G. Goldstein has been involved in the valuing and sale of businesses since 1986. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Property (Valuation), a  Double Major Degree in Accounting and Finance, an Advanced  International Certificate in Intellectual Property and the Advanced Certificate of Business (Real Estate). He has been the Triennial Certificate holder and Licensee of a business broking company since 1992.

Perth Marketplace are one of Perth's leading Real Estate and Business Agents. Our knowledge and experience in the Perth market, be it as Business Brokers or Real Estate Agents gives us a very unique insight into the marketing of valuable assets for the best possible price. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service. Our continued focus and commitment to customer satisfaction has contributed to our growth and success. This success rate is based on dedication to our clients, deep   knowledge of the marketplace and meticulous attention to detail with all the opportunities we promote. This is evident in that over 80% of our dealing come through client recommendations.

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